Saturday, 9 July 2011

Very Short Fiction: 100 Words

On a game I play, there is a contest for short fiction under 100 words with the subject of 'Swords', I had good fun writing this and paring it down to 100 words so I thought I'd post it here :-) 


The bite of a blade against my throat awoke me with a start, eye to eye with the cold gaze of a silver-eyed assassin who smirked, pressing the blade to pierce my skin, I held her gaze as a trickle of blood snaked down my neck. "We meet again", she murmured. I nodded carefully, "I believe you have something of mine". I glanced to the sword, "ALLEZIANDRE", I commanded.

With a blur of steel and magic, the sword vanished and re-formed, held in my grasp, at her throat, she paled, I smiled, "I told you it was a special sword".

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